Happy Valentine's Day!


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I spent this Valentine's Day morning in airports and in various trains and train stations, getting transported from San Jose to LA after a weekend with my family. The Southwest flight attendants wished us a happy Valentine's Day, multiple times, and while riding the Metro Blue Line north toward West Hollywood I noticed street-corner vendors out in full force, surrounded by cellophane-wrapped baskets. At Hollywood Blvd and La Brea Ave two women sat under a tentlike awning, selling, according to their sign, FRESH "ROSES." My apartment is no refuge--I am assailed by Valentine's Day messages and commercials on the radio, and almost all the blogs I read are a-flutter with the holiday (granted, many of them are food blogs).

You know what I'm talking about. February is the month of red and pink: this mid-month holiday has been so cheerfully, relentlessly commercialized that it's hard to confess any fondness for it. But I do kind of like it. Not the onslaught of roses and sappiness, not the inescapable insinuations that those of us without lovers (or without fancy-gift-giving lovers) are somehow less blessed; no, not these. But as my best friend Jackie says: there's not much to look forward to between the December/January holidays and the onset of spring. So I take this opportunity to spread some cheer, and to remind you that hey, Valentine's Day or not, you've got love from me.

So get out there and share some love!