Happy Valentine's Day!


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Does crusading for love stop with graduate school? One way or another, that's the big question I've been pondering all this past year. It's been a stressful time, and when I think back on it, it feels like I've been constantly looking inward, evaluating my life and trying to figure out where my priorities lie.

So what's the most important thing I've learned this year? It's funny that I never expected it, but I've finally realized that my personal relationships -- whether with family, friends, or the random people I meet every day -- will always come first with me, above everything else. It's not an obvious realization; with some people, work comes first, or art, or self. For me, what matters most is our common humanity: discovering it, preserving it, and sharing it. I guess that's why I send these out every year: I really am a crusader for love!

Valentine's Day is a silly, over-commercialized holiday, but at its heart (ha ha), it's all about celebrating love and sharing love. Whatever you're doing today, I hope it makes your day a little brighter to know you've got a whole heart's worth of love from me. I say go out and do the day proud -- give love, spread love, find love. Get out there and share some love!